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In 1978, Marshall Thurber and Bobbi Deporter founded Burklyn. The purpose was to create a conference and retreat center for enhancing one’s consciousness and personal transformation. The original Burklyn was a 1500 hundred-acre estate in Vermont (pictured right). Half of it was located in the town of Burke and the other half in the Lyndon township; thus the name Burklyn. It was designed to be a place to quiet the mind and ignite the soul. Burklyn attracted entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals from around the world. Now, over 30 years later, a team has come together to continue the original mission:

To positively influence global convergence through consciousness and transformation.

We hope you continue to stay connected to Marshall and his team! Courses will now be delivered globally; currently available in Australia, Asia and the U.S.

Marshall Thurber

"An Evolutionary Event" - Buckminster Fuller

Attorney, real estate developer, businessman, educator, editor, scholar, inventor, negotiator, author, visionary and public speaker. Marshall holds a BA degree from Union College of New York: The Cohen H. Kerr award for the highest academic average at Boston University; Boston University’s Utopia Award and the Maud Folsom Foundation Award which grants an annual scholarship for as long as an individual attends school or until age thirty-five. In the late 1970′s, Thurber co-founded the Burklyn Business School in Vermont. It was designed to teach both the global principles of cooperation he learned from Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller and the contextual principles of the human potential movement. These had been demonstrated and proven in his own business. By utilizing Superlearning Technologies (for maximum memory attention), simulations, music and graphics, Thurber's teaching is known for being powerfully effective, fun, memorable and leading edge. Thousands of individuals worldwide have attended the many successful programs developed by Marshall Thurber including Business and You, The Positive Deviant Network, The Essence of Deming, The Accounting Game (granted a US patent), The Secrets of Powerful Presentations, Successful Secrets of the 21st Century and Make Change your Ally. He is also a partner in the Positive Deviant Network. This is a network of highly successful individuals who are committed to positive social change and the abundant living context of Buckminster Fuller.

Burklyn Leadership


IntegrityLiving my values regardless of circumstanceAm I living my values in this situation?
AbundanceEveryone has access to more than enoughAm I willing to include others in this situation?
LoveGenuine appreciation for all lifeAm I taking action from genuine appreciation for all living things?
GraceThe gift of confident relianceAm I viewing everything as perfect – even if I don’t see it in the moment?
InterestedAuthentically engaged in the otherAm I authentically engaged with everyone in this situation?


We are the midwife for global convergence. We provide the theories, methods, tools and tactics for Earthian success.


To create a web and social media presence that facilitates global convergence through integrity, abundance, love, trust and being interested.

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