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I am a co founder of an award winning boutique gym specialising in gymnastic fitness. I started in the fitness industry 12 years ago because of a chronic shoulder problem, and ended up being an entrepreneur. The journey led me to discover my passion in business performance and problem solving. Specifically, my passion is cultivating the notion of maximising my potential with a growth mindset, and helping others find their strengths. I value physical fitness and health as the foundation to continue to do what I love and finishing strong. I live in Singapore with my husband and dog, Bronzy. I love best with a bottomless cup of coffee. Let's connect. Message works best. www.facebook.com/LayyongOoi

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What Do You Do When Change Happens?

What Do You Do When Change Happens?

To understand anything, one must first divide the subject into a minimum of two.  Without a minimum of two there is no distinction.  Change is no exception.There are two criterion that make something interesting to the reader:It has to be practical. An example, turn a...
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