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I would like now to… I will come just fairly quickly to something I would like to get it out of the way, again it is personal, like the Harvard thing.

I did very well in the Navy because I didn’t have to make money with my ship; all I had to do was run a good ship. And when I came out of the Navy, because I had done well in it, a lot of my young friends, particu­larly my rich friends, thought they would make a lot of money backing me.

I decided to go into build­ing. . .the game of building.  And I got up 240 small buildings. I was producing the buildings with a special kind–building system–a new method of reinforced concrete. The concrete was poured into molds which were insulation for the walls later on. Anyway, I did get up these 240 buildings.

Yet, I didn’t make any money and I lost all my friends’ money. I felt really terrible about it. Luck­ily they were all really quite rich people so that it didn’t really hurt their lives, but made me feel very badly about it.

Another thing, very personal in our lives…My wife and I married in 1917, just at the beginning of World War One, and our first child was born just at ap­proximately the last day of the war.  She caught flu which was then an epidemic, and then spinal men­ingitis, and then infantile paralysis.

We had long battles with the doctors. She died just on her fourth birthday. By this time, I was begin­ning to get a sense about the princi­ples and the capabilities of human­ity. If we really would pay more attention to life it­self than to the killingry –of which I had experienced such powerful in­struments, these things might not have happened. Anyway, she died, just as I was starting this business.

Later, in 1927, as all the business were going badly, our second child was born.  So, suddenly I was penniless, and, as far as I was concerned, a great disgrace… And a beautiful new life was depending on me. I said, “I am just never going to make a success in business.”

I embraced the golden rule that my grandmother lived. Hence, whenever it came to my saying, “I’m going to have to compete with you,” I said, “You take it. I can get on.” I had a very powerful kind of conviction concerning this. So, I never could make money. I always let the other guy get the money.

Anyway, I said quite clearly, I was a failure in the world that I have grown up in, with people I know, and everything. I think the thing to do is to get rid of me. So, I am going to commit suicide.”

So that was in 1927, in Chicago. And I did go over there to Lake Michigan. I convinced myself I would have no trouble about diving in and swim­ming as far as I could go. I could do that.

Suddenly, I was elevated above myself; I was looking at me standing at the edge of Lake Michigan; A voice spoke “You don’t belong to you. You belong to the Universe.  You can rest assured that if you devote your time and attention to the highest advantage of others, the Universe will support you, always and only in the nick of time.

Then it struck me, “In all my years I have been told never to pay attention to my own thinking.” The voice’s words made me realize that I had better do some thinking for just a minute or two before I jump in there.” Really, no kidding!

And I said, “What do I know about what I am? What am I? What is each one of us?” I went back quickly to the realization of humanity being born naked, help­less, ignorant… Having to learn… Being hungry and thirsty… Curious to drive us… To learn by trial and error.

We make an enormous amount of mistakes to get anywhere. We haven’t any idea of how long it took to get words where they could then help each other.  The information we had been learning from our mistakes created the words.

We know it is only eight thousand years ago out, of the three and a half mil­lion, that we were able to have writ­ing. It was the writing of those who were now dead that told tell the people who were living what they had found out. This accu­mulation of the capability to com­municate and integrate information was a very extraordinarily powerful thing.

Energy does not increase or decrease.  Know-how, through the accumulation of learning, is constantly increasing.  Hence, hence wealth can only increase.

I said, “I have had an incredible number of experi­ences… Some very top ones. And I know how a lot of things work that I realize many societies don’t know. So, if I get rid of me I am getting rid of what may be a linkage in information gaining.”  Right then I made a commitment that I would never use my learnings ever again except for everybody. Never for my side…Never for my family… only for everybody…this commitment might justi­fy keeping me going.

The next step I went into complete silence for approximately two years.  I committed that when I spoke it would be only from my own experimental evidence.  Being certain of what sound I was making before I made it was critical. I understood that many would not understand what I was saying.  However, being not understood was far better than being misunderstood.

“Guinea Pig B” Operating Principles

Operating Principle #1:

The more people I work for the more effective I become

I discovered that the more people I am working for the more effective I am. If you work for everybody you are maximally effective. If you are working on things that are only useful to everybody you just spontane­ously become more effec­

If you make any breakthroughs when you are working for everybody you are dealing in the cosmic phenomena, this is tapping into the Universe itself. I gradually began to realize Generalized Principles were being disclosed when I operated this way.

Operating Principle #2:

Unity is plural and a minimum of two.

Because of synergy, we don’t start with the Universe of one principle. We find that the Universe is a complex of Generalized Principles; the Uni­verse is inherently complex, ,not simplex. It does not start with one.

We find that unity itself is a union, it is plu­ral. When I tried to get a symbol for the simplest of…let’s get a symbol for nothing. I get a symbol for nothing and it has a convex on the outside and a concave on the inside.  Radiation impinging on convex is diffused, and radiation im­pinging on concave is concentrated. That concave and convex are not the same, yet they always and only coexist.

For example, look at two things–One is the kilowatt hours of the electrical en­ergy consumed by the economy per capita and the birth rate. And as the per capita energy goes up, down goes the birth rate, just like that. There is an almost absolute inverse correlation between the two.

I simply say, where they are making more babies today is simply because the probability of survival is poor, and Nature is keeping it up!

Entropy / Syntropy

Humans were overwhelmed by entropy–seemingly a constant increase in disorder. There was noth­ing coming to us… the stars… were all disorder–reporting to us. And the order was not reporting itself to us but was right under our nose! We were looking out there for it instead of here.

We are the only place in the Uni­verse where we know energy is being received. We are an importing center of energy. So, I didn’t like the word “anti-entropy”, so I invented the word called “syn­tropy”.

We are a syntrophic center in Uni­verse. This is very, very im­portant; it takes somewhere around ten billion years to accumu­late enough energy to become a star.  For instance, the fossil fuels–the coal–the petroleum. Our energy is being stored here in a very employ­able manner, in a very orderly way…Someday this energy will to be used to turn us into a star.

There was a very capable and proven petroleum geologist, named Francois DeChardonet of Denver and Boul­der, Colorado. I asked him if he could write me a scenario of Nature producing petroleum. I asked him to start with the vegetation on the dry land and then the algae in the sea.  This orderly photosynthesis–photosynthetic con­verting of sun radiation into beauti­ful hydrocarbon molecules—is then converted into all the other living species.

Then, all this must transform these liv­ing organisms into fossil forms. The enormous amounts of winds neces­sary to shake the leaves plus the enormous amount of time, heat and pressure to concentrate them into petroleum.  Dr. DeChardonet said he could.

Now, we have a scenario. We have the lan­guage of engineering; we have electric generators charging us so much per kilowatt hour.

I said, “At the rate at which we pay for kilowatt hours, what would it cost nature to produce one gallon of petroleum using that much energy as heat and pressure for that amount of time?”  It came out at way over one million dollars per gallon!  This is the way Universe operates… the accounting of Universe is entirely energetic. This is “cosmic accounting.”

The way Universe is run, it costs over a million dollars a gallon. We are tapping nature’s storage of energy against being a star someday. So, there should not be any enthusiasm by taking this and burning petroleum.

Of all the energy humanity is using today, which it is using very badly, we have ninety-five percent (95%) inefficiency. Of 100 units of en­ergy we are getting from petroleum, whatever source, we only realize five percent (5%). So, ninety-five percent (95%) goes down the flush. However, despite this, all the energy we are using amounts to less than one millionth of one percent of our daily energy income!

This is a fairly staggering figure. The sum total  of the en­ergy we are using on planet amounts to less than one millionth of one percent of our daily energy income.

Principle #3:

In and Out

I am going to just state a few of these things right now. For instance, I am sure some of you, many of you have spoken about being in audi­ences I have had before–you’ve heard me say this before–but I am sure that everybody in this audience uses the words “up” and “down”. And the words “up” and “down” have absolutely no meaning. There is no “up” and “down” in the Universe.

The words “up” and “down” perhaps from an unconscious con­spiracy. The result was humans thought about the Earth as being flat. This conspiracy occurred a few thousand years ago despite the fact that the great Greeks had begun to conceive of the solar system itself quite accurately. Had begun understood the real reality…the revolution of the Earth.

There were four great Greek scien­tists of the Pythagorean group and of Alexandria.   They were one hundred years apart from one another. Their individual thinking came up with this concept of the solar system.

The power structure on our planet did not want to acknowledge the solar system with the planet Earth going around it. We would be subservient to the sun in the solar system. They wanted to make Earth IT.  Thus we have a power structure conspiracy, general population was told that we live on a flat Earth, going to infinity.

The myth was established that anyone could see the sun was going around the earth.  We are the center of every­thing. We are the headquarters of everything. We built this enormous authority. The power structure needed to demonstrate their authority.  If the Earth was anything other than a plane at the center of the Universe­, their enormous authority would be diminished.

If we live on a plane, all the perpendicu­lars to it are parallel to one another. All the things we can see, the trees over here, human beings stand­ing there are all perpendicular on the same plane. This perpen­dicular goes only in two directions “up” and “down.”

This authority then said, “We are in charge of everything that is going up. If you want to get into Heaven you have to pay attention to us. If you don’t pay attention you are going to go down-into Hell.”

If you use the words “up” and “down” you are completely hooked by the dark ages conspiracy!

At the time of the moon landing, I heard on the television the President of the United States say, “Congratulations for getting “up” to the moon. They all spoke about being up here on the moon”.  At the time they said this, the astronauts were in the direction of my feet.

The only way they get to the moon is by virtue of some instru­ments that are not being fooled by misinformation/misin­terpretation of the phenomena.

I just want you to realize that you start with asking: “So what words should I use instead of `up’ and `down’?” The proper words are “in” and “out”. You go into the moon, you go into the Earth, you go into the house, you go instairs, you go outstairs. “Out” is any direction, and “in” is always point-to-able and is always specific.

The words “in” and “out” are dia­metrically opposite to “up” and “down”. By using the words “in” and “out” instead of “up” and “down” you come into a completely new world. Your thinking and reflexes will change”.

Operating Principle #4:

There are six positive and six negative de­grees of freedom

I want you to get a feeling of motions and forms and interrelationships of bod­ies with one another.

Every little child, really very early… in fact when they roll over in the bed they are actually rotating. They stand out and you find them just loving to turn around, rotating around very rapidly. They learn that they can go around in an orbit while rotating.  Later they will call this dancing.

I want you to get a feeling of firstly going in axial rotation, and then orbital. You have two basic motions manifesting in Universe, axial rotation and orbit­al.

Then, the same child learns very quickly they can expand and contract. So, we have three basic motions of Universe here.

Then you learn that you can twist your bottom body in one way and the top the other, we call that torque or twist. This is the fourth fundamental motion in Uni­verse.

Then you learn that every time you kiss, you start to turn yourself inside out. That’s inside-out­ing. And you can take a ball and put a hole in it and stretch it and turn the ball inside out. Thus, we have five very fundamental motions.

These are manifest throughout the atomic systems, to nuclear systems, to the great galaxies. So, I have given you five of the positive and negative, each one of those can be reversed.

I have spoken about six positive and six negative.  This means there is one more motion.

  1. Axial – spin
  2. Orbital – go around something
  3. Expand/Contract – breathe
  4. Torque – twist
  5. Inside-out – kiss
  6. Precession…

Now… You learn about precession… Many people know the word preces­sion, but the question is to feel it.

I am trying to give you things in terms of personal feeling. I am always trying to communicate always to get you back into your own personal experience.

My first experience with precession was when an un­cle brought me a top.  After two or three tries, he got it properly wound up with a string, and he got it spinning. It was spinning very fast and it was leaning over like this secondarily, sort of in slow motion while spinning very fast.

I said, “Uncle, every time I lean over that far I keep on fall­ing. Why doesn’t it fall? He said, “I’ve got to get a cigar.” and that’s the end of that.  What was going on was precession!

You have a gyroscope spinning in front of you– if I were to take hold of the top of the gyroscope and pull it towards me it doesn’t yield towards me. It yields at ninety degrees (90°) to my pushing or pull­ing. The harder I push or pull the more rapidly it does this

Can you all understand that the reason precession has been misunderstood is because we tend to think if I push or pull something it will yield at 180°.

Precession is the effect of bodies in motion on other bodies in motion. The effect is they go .at ninety degrees (90°).  This is why we have orbits- the sun and the earth are both in motion. The gravitational pull creates the precessional effect that makes the earth orbit around the sun.

Once you understand and feel preces­sion personally, things you never understood before suddenly make sense.

If you drop a stone in the water, there is apparently waves in the water; when you drop a stone into water, it makes the wave go out. The wave going out begets its 90°-ness. Now you can understand cir­cular waves; you are watching precession.

Society is continually thinking this 180°-ness. And practically NOTHING operates that way.

Just think about an atomic explo­sion. We tend to say, “Every action has a reaction – a 180° resultant.” Not at all!  The explosions immediately create precession.

Society tends to think, 180° resultant.” What we do to each other strongest is to precession­ally orbit around each other. Some­times you are most important in the affair, so they orbit around you. Two people, the same… a couple, the hus­band, sometimes the wife is orbiting around him, sometimes he is orbit­ing around her. It depends on which is the strongest in that field.

Much of social behavior that has never been un­derstood becomes clearly understood when one understands precession.

I repeat mildly my own excitement realizing this.  It is very important in understanding social behaviors. We don’t persuade people to do this and that; they get interested, and go in a circle around you this happens so long as you are of interest to them.

Rarely does anyone you “fall in” love. When falling in does happen it is demonstrating “Critical Proximities.”  A “Critical Proximity” is where we have a celestial body in orbit, and it is be­ing affected by other celestial bod­ies.

Suddenly, the bodies get too close to something else in motion. Remember inter-attractiveness increases as a second power of the arithmetical distances. For example, a comet going by us and its tail gets suddenly too close to the Earth. The attraction to the Earth becomes so strong that the comet falls in.  In other words, there is a critical point where things don’t keep maintaining their own orbit and fall into the other.

When we then expend a great deal of energy to rocket a vehicle away from the planet, we finally say it is going into orbit. This happens when it gets to where the pull of the other suns, and other stars, and other celestial bodies become equal to or a little great­er than the pull back into the Earth.

This is a very important phenom­enon. Criti­cal proximity is taking place.  I think critical proximity, even so­cially, is where you fall in love. Where you actually fall in love it can cause confusion; the boundaries between the bodies in motion are lost.  I recommend “orbiting in love” as opposed to “falling in love.”

Operating Principle #5:

Do your own thinking. It must always be based on experimental evidence.

The phenomenon of love is such a mysterious phenomenon. We, each one of us, tend to think about it as something very personal. It’s only my family that would have anything like that.  We usually fail to realize how powerful it is, how comprehensively operative it is.

Anyway, I said, in that 1927 moment, “If I am going to do my own thinking, I am going to have to give up everything I have ever been asked to believe!”

By the word `believe’ I mean accepting explanations of physical phenomena without experimental evidence. It was the darling grandmother, whose golden rule I liked so much who said, “You know, darling, you are very young, and you know how much I love you. And I am quite convinced that such and such happened two thousand years ago.” She gave me various things to read in the Bible, and so forth. And she said, “Darling, you know how much I love you… Trust me; believe these things.”

So, because I loved her so much, I believed these things… fervently! I learned all kinds of loyalties… Harvard was absolutely the greatest in the world… whatever it was.

I was eight when the Wright brothers first flew. And I had those first eight very impressionistic years of life be­ing told by that it was inherently impossible for man to fly.

I had been told that man would never get to the North Pole or the South Pole, we could just go up so far.  When I was fourteen we got to the North Pole, when I was sixteen we got to the South Pole.

Everything I was being taught was – in a big way – the fundamen­tals were turning out to be wrong. I realized I needed to do my own thinking.  Like many other kids, I thought you could fly because you could make a paper dart that could fly across the room… And I thought, somehow, we could lick this thing.

This was in 1927… I had to give up everything that I had been taught to believe. I committed to do my own thinking from then on. Everything had to be based on experimental evidence.

Operating Principle #6:

God or a “Great Spirit” Exists

One of the most important of your general social experiences is that humans, in general, seem to have some kind of intuition that there is some phenomenon of God. And they tend to join up with various religions, and are persuaded that this is the way they should behave if they believe in God–this is what they ought to be doing– various rituals.

I said, “Do you have any experiential evidence–any reasons in your experience–to have to assume a greater intellect to be operating in Universe than that of humans?” I said, “I am overwhelmed by it…” because, luckily I’ve had this beautiful scientific training. And I am absolutely overwhelmed by this mathematical and only mathematically expressible generalized law.

These generalized laws… I find that if I look at them synergetically–a number of them put together–I find that none of them ever contradict any of the others… That’s impres­sive!

When you and I use the word “de­sign,” in contradistinction to “ran­domness”, we immediately infer an intellect that chooses, selects, sorts out certain things to arrange in pre­ferred ways.

So, I said, “What seems to be mani­fest here in discovering a number of these generalized principles, which are all inter-accommodative, all and only mathematically expressible­ which is purely intellectual… There seems to be an a priori intellectual integrity “designing” Universe… which we were admitted to… in deal­ing with eternity. I am just over­whelmed by it!

For example, all the stars in the sky, with the 2 billion galaxies with 100 billion stars each, each one of those stars is an atomic energy plant in full operation giving off its complete radiation. Now radiation diffuses as it gets further from its source. It gets less and less intense.

Nature, in designing human beings, making them 60% water, defining our tissue, and all the operations of our self-rebuild­ing systems, had a whole universe to operate in…and it found that the closest you could have tissue to an atomic energy plant is 92 million miles. That’s exactly where she put it. The closest you can be to atomic energy is 92 million miles!

This is an absolute fundamental cos­mic design!

So, I said, “From now on, I’m going to assume this great intellectual integrity to be opera­tive. It’s not something I have been taught to believe, I am just over­whelmed by the evidence!”  This is, by far, the most pow­erful factor in my being here with you today, I assure you.

It is best to remember: we didn’t create the Universe and we are not running it.

Operating Principle #7:

We live on a spaceship; thinking this way is more insightful and accurate.

“There’s nothing to stop me from thinking about planet earth as a ship… which it is!”  I gave it the name “Spaceship Earth”-moving 66,000 miles an hour around the Sun, doing it so silently nobody realized what was going on.

I said, “What is to stop me from learning?” Using the thinking I learned when I said, I had had commands of ships… “What are the total known physical resources? What are the total known metaphysical resources of know how? How do we use the total principles to make the total resourc­es work for everybody aboard the ship? Why should I have the ship running only for the people in state­room #28?”

I saw that we had, on a ship, over 150 admirals on the same ship… And the port side trying to sink the starboard side…and not to have their ship go down!  Presently, there is absolute nonsense going on here.

For example, I want you to understand about those metals that are recirculating around the world. We are learning how to do more with less all the time, and in order to be able to do so, we have to have materials that we realize the technology in.

We have, with the 150 nations, enor­mous protectionism of those who are politically powerful trying to protect their mines. The mine owners, where there are countries that do have the mines, want their metals to be used. So they push very politically hard. But the fact is, we really can get on with recirculating of metals, particularly as we do more with less. And the only thing that keeps really using them–getting more metal out of the mines, is the weaponry, where you are using excessive amounts of metals.

Think about that—recirculating resources. They are real­ly, then, the life blood of society. In other words, they are the means by which you realize your conception­ing. So if you have country that’s blocking the import or export of scrap, you’ve got blood clots. As I say, it turns out that, the 150 nations really are pretty much blood clots of the flow of things.

Operating Principle #8:

Humans are designed to learn by trial and error.

I decided to use myself for a general account of all humanity.  However, it is important to note: making up your mind to do such a thing doesn’t mean that you are very good at it.

But one of the most important things that I have paid attention to is the fact that humans are designed to learn only by trial and error. I have made an incredible number of mistakes.  You don’t have a right foot and a wrong foot; you have a right and left foot. That is the way we get from here to there.

Physics has found that there are no straight lines. It has found only waves.

Society is making a com­prehensive error of the greatest mag­nitude. Fathers and mothers are so afraid their children are going to get into trouble with the system  they say, “Darling, don’t do this, and don’t do that. Nobody should make mistakes.” …And punish you for making mistakes.  Fear of mistakes is immobilizing much of humanity

So evolution is acting on us without our learning to go along with it–without paying atten­tion to our mistakes.  As a result humanity is now in great peril due to the great number of mistakes it has made and paying no attention to them.

Operating Principle #9:

Integrity: the invisible and most critical aesthetic

We are a function in the Universe. We’re here for local universe information gathering, local problems solving in support of the integrity of an eternally regenerative universe.

But integrity is the essence. In an invisible world there are no visible aesthetics. In an invisible world the only aesthetic is integrity – in our great com­puter world we’re going into- the only aesthetic is integrity.

And if we are going to be allowed to go on–if we are a good invention–as in being tried out in Universe–and really do have to have integrity

So, I simply say, what you can do personally is to commit yourself to what is the truth. That’s all.  Let your integrity guide you and let it take you where ever it may.  You have to remember that we didn’t invent or design the universe, and we’re not running the universe.

Operating Principle #10:

The complex cannot be explained by simplex

There was nothing in one atom, per se, that predicted another atom. There was nothing in one atom per se, that predicted chemical com­pounding. There was nothing in chemical compounding, per se, that predicted biological protoplasm. There was nothing about biological protoplasm per se, that predicted camel and palm tree and the respira­tory exchange of gases between the two.

The complex is never explained by simplex. If I re­ally wanted to know anything I was going to have to start with the most complex, which meant I had better start with Universe. So, I found that to be just exactly the opposite to the way we teach human beings.

The child asks the question because he wants to understand the Uni­verse, but we say, “Darling wait until you go to school and they will answer you.” And when they get to school, “Darling never mind about the Universe, we will give you a one and a two and a three. If you can handle that we will give you a four, five and six.” We call it elementary school, we make you put you into ele­ments, break you up into parts. And I saw that this was the really, our whole education system seemed to be contrary to the scheme of the design of the way human beings are supposed to acquire information.

Operating Principle #11:

Think convergently and divergently.

The Universe is not operating in the way science is operating. It is operating convergently and divergently. Not perpendicular and parallel, no such nonsense.

Convergent, divergent universe, that’s how you grow. You do expand and take in your breath, that is how you have radiation, broadcasting and gravity converg­ing.

This is nature’s own coordinate system that accom­modates systemically all thinking, all considerations. Convergence and divergence are most fundamental of energy behav­iors.  Radiation is divergence and gravity is convergence.

Operating Principle #12:

We are com­pletely metaphysical.

Anything that is physical can be weighed, electromag­netically or gravitationally. It will move a needle.

A number of young medical scientists have been able, without any discontent on the part of patient, to have their bed on a scale when they die. First it was thought that a little weight was being lost but it turned out always to be some air in the lungs and some liquid.

We have to say, now, that whatever life is it doesn’t weigh anything. In other words, whatever life is, it doesn’t move a needle – it is not physical, it is com­pletely metaphysical. This is very, very important; you are not a thing; you are just pure principle.

You think you are seeing me over here. You’re not at all. You’re seeing me in your brain. It is very, very important to realize that nobody has ever seen outside them­selves ever.

Every time I use the word “atom”, Democritus is here. He invented that word. So long as the word “atom” is used, Democritus is completely alive and right there as pure principle.

Operating Principle #13:

Wealth can only increase

The physical consists entirely of en­ergy–associative as matter and dis­associative as radiation–one convert­ible to the other. We know that no energy can be created and no energy can be lost, so the energy content of wealth cannot be lost.

The metaphysical, the know-how side–every time you make an ex­periment, you always learn more, you can’t learn less. You may have learned it doesn’t work–that saves you a lot of your time from now on. Know-how, can always and only increase and the physical can­not decrease. So wealth can only increase.

Where business is going if it is to succeed long term is answering the question:  How do you improve the advantage of all humanity?

Now by wealth I mean the organized capability to employ principles by virtue of our mind, understanding principles of what we have actu­ally organized and accomplished in the way of taking care of how many lives for how many forward days.  Both protecting them, nurturing them, accommodating them, educat­ing them. To what extent can we orga­nize our circumstances to take care of how many human beings for how many forward days.

Something very powerful is going on: we’ve separated money from wealth. We’re playing games with the money and been able to downgrade the wealth. We are going to have a whole lot of really scandal coming out of the phenomenon of the bigness of money. Just the power, the power structure, per se, of numbers. Obviously, the capability of big numbers across the board over­whelms anything small.

I’ve been keeping track of all the invisibles, the ca­pabilities of doing more with less, in electronics, in alloys and so forth and reducing them to their use to humanity.

Ten years ago I came to the point where it was absolutely clearly demonstrable engineering-wise, that we can take care of all humanity with a ten-year de­sign revolution if we took the metals going into gunnery, into weaponry, melted them up and put them into livingry–within ten years we could have all humanity living completely sustainably at a higher standard of living than anybody had ever known. Within ten years we could get rid of all the use of fossil fuels and atomic energy forever and live entirely on our energy income.

I now know this by keeping track of the invisible; I simply happen to be a score keeper, an experimenter.  I happen to be there on the frontier to be the first one to have a chance to see it.

The “will” has not been probated yet. It’s being held up by a preoc­cupation that it has to be you or me because the very essence of Malthusian economics is there’s not enough to go around.

Many earthians get their lawyers to rationalize selfishly, just as they do in great corporations.  Now we’re at the point we’re really badly stuck, you and me.  The design revolution “grand strategy” can get us unstuck.  We now can take care of everybody.

We have the power struc­ture saying, “Divide to conquer. To keep conquered, keep divided–keep busy.” I have taken all the jobs that go on, all of those who are so-called em­ployed, and I find seventy percent of them are not producing any wealth. They are working for an insurance company that is betting that you are going to live, and you are betting that you are go­ing to die. Then we have inspectors of inspectors, and so forth. I found that seventy percent of all jobs in the United States are not producing any wealth.

These people are using automobiles to go to work, using three or four gallons a day. I found that here in the United States we were spending bil­lions and billions of dollars a day to produce nothing!  Seems like we could very quickly put the problem in the computer and find that a better scenario is to pay these non-wealth producers to stay at home. We would come out very much better. This is a very fundamental fact.

Just from a business view­point, if you com­mit yourself to producing wealth­-giving humanity advantage–it’s really going to be inherent in it that there will be excess which you can re-invest. You can keep enlarging your commitment. And for everything that you undertake to do you will get hand­somely paid.

I say then, in using these laws, and seeing not only how we accommo­date but encourage initiative–you must always be able to produce for humanity a higher standard of living always costing a little less. But we say as you initiate a breakthrough of doing more with less on behalf of humanity, I think there should be quite a high reward of cer­tainly–of accrediting individuals who do then produce more with less. But profit should always be ac­cruing only by doing more with less, and the costs must NEVER be going up. Costs going up are abso­lutely anti-evolution-absolute care­lessness and where humanity is failing.

From now on if man is going to stay here, we are continually going to have to be doing more with less. We are always going to be doing things less expensively and doing them better. But you must find out how you use that absolutely irreversible matter. I gave you that wealth consists of energy and that energy is inexhaust­ible… and consists of the metaphysi­cal… and you always learn more – you can’t learn less. That is an absolutely funda­mental principle.

We learned that no energy can be lost. The Universe quite clearly is regenerative. Incidentally, one of the most important proofs of that is discovering that the vegeta­tion photosynthetically could take the random receipts of energy and convert them into orderly structure on this little planet. This is the proof of the regenerativity of the Universe which science did not have before.

Operating Principle #14:

Transform artifacts not people

I noted that one thing common to all humans in all history is that they always have problems, problems, problems. And if you are any good at problem-solving, you don’t come to Utopia, you come to more difficult problems to solve.

We quite clearly are here for problem solving–that’s why we have those minds. And I saw that one way of problem solv­ing would always be by developing artifacts that are tools and not just arguing with people–trying to trans­form the people–when we don’t re­ally know much about people. And I am really convinced that all humans have incredible capabilities that we have not tapped at all as yet.

Operating Principle #15:

Nature is always most economical.  Hence, the tetrahedron is the minimum structural system in the Universe

This is a minimum system in Uni­verse–all triangulated. This is THE minimum structural system in Uni­verse!  This is nature’s minimum structure!

And you know it is so experimen­tally. Nobody can tell you anything else if you are really interested in experimental evidence.  One must develop the confidence to trust your own experimental evidence; you have the guts to go along with what your experience is.

Because this is unity!  This is the beginning of it. This is the minimum structural system in Universe.

Bucky on Education

Children’s school started in a very logical manner. In the wilderness, you wanted to have the children safe, and mother needed to clean the house and she had to get them out for awhile, so  group baby-sitting was a prime function. It was also sort of a fortress to be sure they were safe while the men were off doing all the things they had to do. It starts that way and it had to be something that could be conveniently done by some­body who was going to be a school­teacher.

The worst thing you can ever ask a child to do is to stand up and recite in class. Children are very bright and they immediately know they are put­ting on a show.

The ones that are doing their own thinking are going to get some “wrong” answers, according to others who are not thinking.

I’m absolutely convinced of the following – Einstein did not do his own think­ing in Grand Central Station, being asked to recite all the time.

The education system, which you’ve all experienced, expects you to become –if you are bright, you get to be a specialist… You get a specialty; you get a doctorate in some special subject.

In contra-distinction, Alfred North Whitehead, when he came to Harvard from England, at the turn of the century, said something very extraordi­nary has happened here or is happening here in America. He said America likes the idea of an All-Star Baseball team, and likes the idea of specialization– this idea that if you have very good specialists they’ll all get together in your team and be very strong and the economy will be very strong.

Anyway, Harvard with its J.P Mor­gan patronage set up graduate schools for the first time in history. If you wanted to be a special­ist in Europe or England you could go to the Professor, if he was still alive, or find it in the library, but you didn’t have any graduate schools separate from your regular colleges. You lived in the colleges and found your information.

Whitehead said it is a very ex­traordinary matter that America would suddenly set up separate schools, separate campuses, separate faculty, isolated then from the general education, while at under­graduate school and then within this very special environment of your subject, you then became a specialist within it.

He said it was like having a candle. Candlelight can go in all directions, but then you can put a reflector behind it and beam it and get a lens and beam it even more and it can reach a greater distance than it would if it was just being broadcast.

He said each one of these special­ists became so far specialized, they realized there really was linear ac­celeration–that nobody in any other specialty would understand what they were doing.

They said they wouldn’t think of going into another man’s laboratory to say “I see what you’re doing”. Because of this the specialists could not integrate their specialties.  Instead, they all just talk about baseball to­gether.

Whitehead then noted, because the specialists couldn’t integrate the high potential of their speciality they had to rely on the not-as-bright to put them together.

We find then the wider the sub­ject matter to be comprehended the lower the magnitude of brightnessThis means when you get into inter­national politics there is generally a pretty low level of brightness that comes to bear.

I’d like to look into that specializa­tion a little more… How did that ever come about?  Because every lit­tle child born astonishes you by the comprehensivity of their questions. They want an explanation about the stars. They want an explanation about atoms. They want to integrate information. They want to say, “How does that relate to that?”

This is the way the human mind works. The fact then that we are specialized is not natural, inasmuch as we have the proclivity to be comprehensivists.

At school we’re taught plane geometry -nice simple plane geom­etry. It’s not going to be complex. Make it nice and easy to get on. So we start playing plane geometry. We are theoretically dealing with the surface of nothing. I am person­ally interested only in what is called experimental evidence science. So I could not accept the surface of nothing that was given me two-dimensionality.

They said to me, a point is sub-dimensional. Then I make a row of points and that gets me a line, which is one-dimensional. Then I take a row of those lines, put them together like a raft and I get a two-di­mensional plane. Then I stack them up and I get three-dimensionality, so that’s reality.

I asked the teacher “How old was it?” and I asked what its weight was, what its temperature was… It didn’t have any of the characteristics of reality whatsoever! We find that this is something that is considered absolutely satisfactory in school; teach kids about cubes and so forth; start them off with plane geometry.

This is a game–a part of what I spoke about as the great conspiracy to keep the majority of earthians ignorant. You get to a flat Earth, being a plane going to infinity.

Most of you were taught geom­etry where the teacher goes to the blackboard and she makes a tri­angle. “A triangle is an area bound by a closed line of three edges and three angles.”   A square is an area bound by a closed line of four equal angles or four equal edges.

Everything…You look at the black­board and you saw that little thing – little square. You saw a little triangle.  The rest of the blackboard, the teacher said, went to infinity. Going to infinity therefore couldn’t be described so you could only describe what is on one side of the line. This is a fundamental bias.

I realized then the scientists were dealing in a assumed coordinate system of na­ture, which is dealing with perpen­dicular and parallel to theoretical plane – XYZ coordinates.

There is nothing in Universe that is parallel. And they have a centimeter, gram, and second. A gram is a cube of water at a given temperature. Ev­erything goes back to cubes. I want to see this terrible thing that society is teaching.

When is a cube a cube? There is no such thing! There is no such thing! There is such a confirmation… There is no prime structural form of that kind whatsoever.

I’m completely convinced that our whole school system–our whole edu­cational system is completely awry-­absolutely awry!

I gave you earlier how and why we go to specialization – it is simply convenient to the power structure… Keep the bright ones busy and working on the know-how, but not letting them on the big comprehensive picture.

I’m confident we are coming to have a completely new educational system. We are going to have to or else we are all through.

It’s very important to realize that if we get our children in our schools really going on Nature’s coordinate system, any child can do nuclear physics!

This is possibly one of the most im­portant matters!  We are in an enormous ser­vitude to yesterday’s power struc­ture.







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