Earthian Offerings

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do differently today?

The BEEs

Ongoing Business Training with Marshall Thurber

Purpose: to demonstrate Abundanomics* on all levels (exponential business growth, synergy, personal growth, inner peace, Hydra living and trust in precession) as the world as it converges.*Abundanomics: access to more than enough for everyone.

IE Index

A tool for organizations that helps to delight the customer.

The IE Index provides organizations with a real-time metric that reflects how genuinely “interested” an employee is in each client/customer.  The higher the metric the more likely the client is to repeat and/or refer business.

Clarity Experience™

The Most Powerful Strategic Planning Tool

Identify the vital key issues which will enable your company to become the most successful organization in its domain, clarify the interrelationships between the vital key issues for success and align your entire management team.

Lemonade Game

Accounting is the global language of business.

Learn at least three semesters of accounting in a fun and easy manner in just a few hours.

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