Most business people focus on making money. However, this is not how long term successful businesses work.

Please think of someone in your lifetime that had a positive influence on you.  You have that person in your mind?  Good.  If not, please don’t read further until you have.

Great.  Did this individual have a positive impact on you?  How did they do this? Was it because that person primarily was an interest-ing person or was it because that person was primarily interest-ed in YOU?

Most people respond it was because that individual was interested in them.  The same is true with clients.  When you genuinely express interest in each client what happens?   They respond by either becoming repeat clients or referring others or both.

By providing a ten out of ten experience with each of your clients, you can grow your business by forty-two percent (42%).  Anything less than a ten is not enough.

Here are the numbers.  They are based upon over 370,000 surveys:

Referral/Repeat Rates:

10/10  142 sales

9/10  is 65 sales

8/10 is 15 sales

A study by Andy Fred Wali and Bright C Opara found that a customer appreciation strategy influences customer loyalty and advocacy, which in turn leads to increased sales growth. If you don’t know what client appreciation is and why you need it for your business read this!

Customer satisfaction is not the same thing?


What is a better metric than customer satisfaction?

Answer: Client appreciation, needs a ten out of a ten experience.

Assume you just finished making love. You ask the other, “How was it?”  If that person responds “satisfactory” how do you feel?  What if the other says, “I’m so appreciative of you; it was an amazing experience!”

Appreciative clients (ten out of ten) repeat or refer or both!!

Of course, successful businesspeople focus on creating appreciative, ten out of ten clients.   The appreciative process starts with “being interested” in your client. The client must give you a ten.

Being interested at the level of ten.

A nine out of ten doesn’t cut it.

A nine out of ten expression provides only sixty-five percent (65%) referrals/repeat behavior.  A ten out of ten provides 142%!!

Conclusion: Have everyone in your organization focus on providing a 10/10 experience.

Question: How do you get everyone in your organization to do this?

Answer: Ask your client.

The easiest way I know of is to have each member of your team use the Buckys App.  It’s FREE.  All you need to do is have every person go to and register.

Each person within your organization will be able to track their customer’s expressions.  Top management will see only their own score and the composite score of the entire company.

Expressions are not limited to external customers; they include internal ones as well.  Every interaction with anyone is subject to a Buckys expression.  Using the Buckys app makes the invisible visible.  Each member of your organization is asked to focus on receiving a ten from each client.

Loyalty = Profitability

The closer your organization gets to providing a ten out of ten experience for each client, the more profitable your company will be.  Appreciative clients are loyal.   Your profits will soar.

It costs about five (5) to ten (10) times more to acquire a new client than to keep your existing one.

On average, existing clients spend sixty-seven percent (67%) more

money than first time clients do.



Getting a ten out of a ten is the answer to a 42% growth rate without marketing or advertising!

Use the Buckys app to track how you are doing.  It’s FREE.





I am a comprehensivist:

“What can I do for you?”


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