There are two elements that elevate price to the primary factor. When both are present price is almost always an issue.

The first is “a fully informed buyer”. The Internet is a structural change.  No one has to approve or even like a structural change; there is no vote. Each of us has to embrace and adjust.

When the automobile came into being, many hated to learn how to drive. They preferred their horses (in varying forms) to be the primary mode of transportation.

As a result, auto travel was resisted.  Tacks and barbed wire were put on the roads to stop them; others called vehicles “the devil wagon”.  They were generally black and the things you could do in the back seat were unthinkable. Yet, try as the opposition might, they could not stop structural change The Internet is a structural change.

Like it or not, the world is being more transparent.  This means the population is getting more fully informed; this can’t be stopped.  This means Earthians are becoming more and more informed about every offer made. Fighting this battle is like fighting against the automobile.

Since potential clients are getting better informed and this trend is unstoppable the other element is where one has to focus. The second element is “an alternative source of supply”. When I grew up in Rutland, Vermont, if someone wanted to buy a new Ford they had to go to the one Ford dealership in town. The Rutland buyer had very little bargaining power in buying a car. There was only one “source of supply”. Now one can go online, and describe the make, model and color wanted and the distance they are willing to travel to acquire it.  Dealers within that range bid to get the business.  In this scenario price is the paramount issue.

So, what is the answer?  Almost all products services will be copied.  In fact, the difference between a “product” and a “service” is so blurred that both terms are basically obsolete.  Is your cell phone a product or service? If you reflect on this question most people say it is both.

The best way to address products and services now is to call them “offers” since most are both.  Since people copy “offers” then one has to provide something more.  To be predictably successful, each offer has to move to a higher level of interaction. Every interaction has to move to the “experiential”.  Why? Because each person’s experience is unique.  Focusing on the experience take the offer out of the “Price Trap” Making the offer an experience is now required.  You have no vote. If you don’t focus on creating the best possible client experience you are making this statement: I prefer to let the potential client haggle with me on price.


The client or potential client must experience you being “interested” in them and their issues.  Only after they “experience “that you are genuinely “interested” are they open to being interested in you.  At that point, you can demonstrate how your “offer” fits with their need. Learn more @





Once you commit to creating an “experience” for your potential or actual clients, finding the optimal process is the next step.  This requires client feedback.  The best way I know is to use the FREE app:

In that app, your client gets to anonymously leave the person interacting with them an expression.  On a scale from one to ten (ten being high) “How favorable was the experience?”

The higher your company’s score the more likely the person is to comeback and or refer others.  A “perfect” ten is your target.  Why?


Here are the results of over 330,000 surveys.

Referral/Repeat Rates:

10/10  142 sales

9/10  is 65 sales

8/10 is 15 sales


Provide every client and potential client with an extraordinary service. By providing them with the best experience possible keeps you out of the price trap.  In addition, the closer you get to ten with all your interactions the more successful (on all levels) you will be.


I am a comprehensivist:

“What can I do for you?”


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