Powerful Presentations

How do you feel when you receive more than you expect?

The Secrets of Powerful Presentations and Communication is a full 2 day learning experience that will absolutely exceed your expectations. This course will fundamentally change the way you present to a group and communicate with individuals in both your business and personal life.

One of the world’s most successful speakers and experiential teachers, Marshall Thurber, shares with you powerful insights based on his last 30 years of personal experience and research as a successful attorney, consultant, business-owner, negotiator, seminar speaker, and powerful presenter. His insights will give you a totally new perspective on engaging an audience and delivering an effective presentation.

During this 2 day event you will experience and gain the understanding of the following:

  • The importance of Theory in learning

  • How to control the Frame

  • The power of Metaphor

  • What is Stable Datum and how to create it

  • The crucial difference between Interested and Interesting

  • ‘Getting Gotten’

  • The correct pace of Gradient

  • The concept of Entrainment

  • The Power of Clarifying Questions and the Non-Answer, Answer

  • The complete ineffectiveness of PowerPoint

  • A wealth of other effective techniques to effectively communicate

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