Learning takes place when you step into the unknown. Whatever happens, you will be adding to the wealth of Earthians. Failure to make this sortie into the unknown means learning is absent. Wealth consists of physical energy (as matter or radiation E=mc2) combined with metaphysical know-what and know-how.

When one venture into the unknown something is happening; this doesn’t mean you will succeed or fail. In fact, the success or failure and is not even in the equation. No matter what happens, one learns something and thus Earthian wealth increases. You can’t learn less.

Intellectual or metaphysical wealth can only increase. The meta-physical wealth only grows with each onslaught into the unknown. The more ventures bombard the unknown, the more wealth increases.

Look at Luke Parton who took risks and achieved his dream.

As Einstein postulated with his theory E=mc2 and later proven to be true Physical energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It does change form, yet physical energy stays in balance. The fact that spaceship earth is not speeding or slowing.

There are many who feel the Earth is falling apart. No, it is, however, constantly changing form in perfect balance between two sides on the physical energy forms Entropy and Syntropy.

Our mother Sun radiates out energy…more energy than the world can ever use.

This radiation of energy is entropic. The Sun gives.

Plants need water and sunlight to grow (energy); when that is deprived, they begin to break down. A new car will fall apart unless energy is applied to maintain it, and a business that doesn’t put energy into improving itself it will eventually close its doors. As humans age their systems lose energy becoming less efficient allowing for disease and illness.

The tendency of nature, systems, and organisms is to lose energy and become disorganized over time. This is easy to experience. It is entropy.

Entropy’s opposing force, however, is Syntropy. This Principle is much harder to notice; the best example is life itself. Ever-increasing complex forms are creating something new. Ever-increasing complex forms are creating something new.

A new galaxy forming from the ruins of an older galaxy or a business that is building by its owner Earthians or a tree growing getting its nourishment from the sun are all examples of the syntropic nature of Universe.In an organism, the degree of internal disorganization can be (but not always) entropy and the level of internal organization can be (but not always) syntropy. In the Universe, the sum of these two is always in perfect balance.

Whenever you take a risk you are venturing into unknown territory; the outcome is unknown. Hence it is best to have this risk not be risky. Risky happens when the risk’s worst-case scenario takes you so far back that you feel you will never risk again. That level is risky.

Steven Book addresses this beautifully. 

The best way I know to determine if you have gone risky is the sleeping factor. If you go to bed and worry instead of sleep, you probably are going risky. There are many very successful people who live and succeed in this risky space. For me, there is too much trauma and drama there.



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