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How can one share and, simultaneously, have more?  It feels like a contradiction.

The answer is Synergy!!

Synergy means that the total is greater than the sum of its parts. Why is this important?  Because both the Universe and life are synergetic.

Take chromium, nickel, and iron together they make steel. Working together they are synergetic.

The highest strength of those three is iron.  Its strength is about 90,000 pounds per square inch.  Nickel’s strength is about 65,000 pounds per square inch.  Chromium is about 40,000 pounds per square inch. Add the highest strength of the other minor constituents of carbon, manganese, etc. is another 55,000 pounds per square inch.

These combine to have a strength of 250,000 pounds per square inch. Yet chrome-nickel-steel has a strength of 350,000 pounds per square inch.  This is forty percent (40%) stronger than simply adding the sum of each.

This forty-per cent increase is synergy in action.

If you wish to understand more about synergy and business click here.

Another example, take two identical spherical bodies at a given distance from each other.  Now add a third identical sphere half way between the other two.  What happens?

The mass attraction between any two of the three spherical bodies increases by four. This increase cannot be predicted by adding the sum of the attractions.

This too is synergy in action.

Furthermore, halving the distance between three identical spherical

bodies increase by four-folds the inter-attraction of each sphere.

There is no explanation why this increase happens.  What we do know is the particles co-operate.  By fitting neatly together, this behavior brings a multi-increase in the attraction of each.

Synergy is being demonstrated and is easily measured.  The “why” is unknown.  The “why” is mysterious.

Humans are “bodies in motion”.  The connection between Earthians is   increasing.  The Internet and other connected networks make this easy.

This connection is exponential.  While this type of growth is difficult to comprehend intellectually, it is happening whether grasped or not by earthians.  At best, most humans can do is to combine the concept of being a Trim-Tab with synergy.

A Trim-Tab person consciously uses synergy to be most effective.

The Universe is the maximum ‘synergy-of-synergies’

utterly unpredicted by any of its parts.

What does this all mean?

There is a progressive recognition we are all connected. This is not because there is a political move to do it.  The convergence of increasing connectivity without reference to sovereign borders is causing this.

The new human emerging networks represent the natural evolution of the thirty-years-in-the-making world-embracing communication networks.  Unfiltered information is now being fed into our world arteries.

Each individual is now able to create their own perspective by gathering unfiltered information.

The result: new co-operative networks are exponentially emerging.  This unfiltered information is changing the heart-and-mind-flow of Earthians.  Synergy is happening in schools, work and life in general.

Each individual is a pattern-integrity, much like a chemical element is. However, unlike chemical elements that are relatively static, human integrity is synergistic.

Until recently this synergetic behavior has happened inadvertently.

Earthians are becoming aware that survival is not dependent on political or  economic systems.  It depends on the courage of the individual to speak the truth, and to speak it lovingly and not destructively.

It’s saying the individual knows (explicitly) and feels (inexplicably) their truth.  They are synergistic Trim-Tabs of abundance.

This movement is synergetic. It is allowing Earthians to live sustainably. At a higher standard of living than anyone has ever experienced.




What does this mean?  Fundamentally, political economists miss-assume an inadequacy of life support on our planet.

Humanity therefore competes militarily to see which political system... is fittest to survive.

In slavish observance of this misassumption of scarcity, humans have devoted huge amounts of effort and resources to "killing-ry".  We now have a vast arsenal of weapons skillfully designed to kill ever more people at ever-greater distances in ever-shorter periods of time.

Precession — not conscious planning — has provided a productive outcome (the ability for abundance) even though it was done by misguided political and military campaigns.

Those in supreme power, politically and economically, aren’t yet convinced that our Planet Earth has nearly enough life support for all humanity.

They assume it has to be either you or me, that there is not enough for both.  Most of those with financial advantage reason that selfishness is necessary; hence they fortify themselves even further.

Each perspective claims that their system is the best one for coping with inadequacy.

When we achieve abundance, all scarcity-based perspectives will be obsolete.  Synergy-of-synergies will demonstrate that together (aligned) we are capable of taking care of everybody.  Everyone can live at a higher standard of living than any has ever lived before.  There is enough life support for all humanity at this higher level.

All that is required: co-operation.

It starts with those who are awake to the new available abundance truth to step forward.  Those awake to this new truth need to both speak and act it.

We have both a right foot and a left foot not a right foot and a wrong one.  Similarly, there are no "good" or "bad" people, no matter how offensive or eccentric to society they may seem. . . We didn't design Universe and we are not in control of its big picture.

We must, however, do our part; we must demonstrate the role of awake humans in Universe.  We do this by co-operating.

Does the individual have the courage to go along with this relatively new abundant truth?

Yes, “sharing is having more” is the new abundant truth.

I am a comprehensivist:

“What can I do for you?”


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