Earthian Training

How do you feel when you receive more than you expect?

The BEEs

Ongoing Business Training with Marshall Thurber

Purpose: to demonstrate Abundanomics* on all levels (exponential business growth, synergy, personal growth, inner peace, Hydra living and trust in precession) as the world converges. *Abundanomics: access to more than enough for everyone.

Powerful Presentations

A full 2 day learning experience that will absolutely exceed your expectations.

This course will fundamentally change the way you present to a group and communicate with individuals in both your business and personal life.

Activate Your Negotiation Superpowers

Improve your business, communication and leadership skills.

When two or more interact, where at least one wants to begin or change a relationship, you are in a negotiation.

Lemonade Game

Accounting is the global language of business.

Learn at least three semesters of accounting in a fun and easy manner in just a few hours.

The Global Game

How can one person with limited time and energy, can make a positive difference in the world?

The World Game, sometimes called the World Peace Game, is an educational simulation utilizing Fuller’s Dymaxion map allowing groups of players to strategize solutions to global problems, matching human needs with resources.

Future of Business

Improve your business, communication and leadership skills.

The business environment is changing with velocity, at an exponential rate. The theories and strategies of success that were developed 20 years ago no longer apply. This is why the Future of Business course has been developed – for you to experience the new rules.

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