How can you strengthen your network by receiving feedback from those with whom you interact?

The IE Index provides organizations with a real-time metric that reflects how genuinely “interested” an employee is in each client/customer.  The higher the metric the more likely the client is to repeat and/or refer business.

The IE Index is an instantly accessible real-time process. It gathers direct feedback on how each employee treats their client/customer.

Why does a 10 expression matter?

A ten expression from a client provides a 42% growth rate without any marketing or advertising.*

  • Referral: Rates
  • 10/10  142 sales
  • 9/10  is 65 sales
  • 8/10 is 15 sales

*Based on over 570,000 client surveys.

Special Offer

Once you have joined, you will be able to give and receive real-time feedback.

In addition, once you have TEN different Expressions, you will receive an invitation for free customized training. The training is based on specific feedback from your network.

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