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What do Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. Spencer Johnson, Jac Holzman, David Neenan and Bill Allen have in common?

They each experienced a learning event that positively changed their life forever. What was that learning event?

Marshall Thurber’s Future of Business

How Could 3 Days With Marshall Be So Impactful?

In the 1970’s Marshall, along with two partners, made millions of dollars restoring Victorians in San Francisco. Marshall then studied for a decade with Buckminster Fuller. Fuller, the futurist, was commonly known as “Bucky, the friendly genius”. During his lifetime Bucky was awarded twenty-eight (28) patents and over thirty (30) honorary doctorates.

The most well known of Bucky’s twenty-eight (28) patents is his geodesic dome. Bucky also predicted the existence of carbon atom, now called the buckminsterfullerene (commonly known as Buckyballs, Richard Smalley won the Nobel Prize in 1996 for confirming their existence).

Marshall then spent eight and a half years studying with W. Edwards Deming. US News and World Reports included Deming as one of the NINE hidden turning points in ALL of history (along with the Apostle Paul and the birth control pill). Deming is commonly known as the “father of quality”. His name is the most recognized American name in Japan. In the 1950’s Deming taught the Japanese “statistical quality control”.

Companies like Toyota, Canon and Honda revere Deming. In fact, every year Japan honors him by presenting “The Deming Award” to companies who demonstrate the highest quality products and services. When Ford Motor Company was in deep financial trouble they invited Deming to bring his theories, processes and methods to improve Ford’s vehicles. The first “Demingmobile” made in America was the Ford Taurus. This car, more than anything else, was responsible for Ford’s financial turnaround.

Only Marshall can say he studied with both Fuller and Deming. Marshall has “mashed up” both men’s different approaches to both life and business. Deming was system focused; Fuller highlighted innovation. Marshall provides a unique mixture of both. Marshall’s Future of Business Program is the distillate of both men’s approach to making the world a better place.

In a nutshell, Marshall spent over eighteen years being mentored by both. The lessons learned have been incorporated into Marshall’s unique teaching method. Marshall’s method of teaching is designed to provide students with the “experience” of these theories, methods and tools.

As Marshall says, “Truth believed is still a belief; a Truth experienced is much closer to Truth.” Powerful theories, methods and tools start out as intellectual concepts; the learning experience that Marshall provides in Future of Business takes these intellectual concepts to the level of internalized insights. Once the student applies them in the real world, the insights become wisdom. These insights once internalized become generalized principles that guide the student’s success (both internal and external).

In addition to Fuller and Deming, Marshall incorporates the theories of three Nobel Laureates. Roger Sperry for his split-brain research, Hans Selye for his breakthrough in the relationship of stress and learning, and Ilya Prigogine for his theory of dissipative structures.

Marshall’s techniques deploy Roger Sperry’s seminal work in blending both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. These simulations activate both sides of the brain which often creates stress (Selye) and perturbation (Prigogine). The intended outcome is to create a breakthrough in each student’s life-view, one that is more aligned with reality and thus more predictable.

Like someone who turns on a light in a dark room, Marshall’s lessons are designed to extract the GOOD from what is often perceived of as bad stress. The student experiences how to differentiate “stress” on a “meta” level. Marshall also uses research from Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla in this course to demonstrate how these great minds were able to create unique breakthroughs.

Marshall’s learning context is comprehensive. Not only is the content important, but also the elements like the temperature of the room and the type of snacks offered are critical. The objective is to provide each student with the optimal learning experience. On average, Marshall’s events are approximately sixty percent (60%) simulations, twenty-five percent (25%) debrief and group discussion and fifteen percent (15%) lecture.

Marshall feels that many “earthians” are meandering through life like “whiskerless cats”, not aware of the generalized principles that operate on spaceship earth. Once these generalized principles are understood both the student’s life and money dramatically improve.

The two and a half day Future of Business experience is designed to energize the very core of each participant. The experience is designed to provide a fundamental shift, both internally and externally. Upon graduation, your perception of the world will bring a powerful clarity and meaning to your work and life experience.

Future of Business has provided this clarity experience to over 200,000 graduates.

Future of Business began inspiring people like Tony Robbins, Ben Cohen from Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup for the Soul in the 1970s. Hundreds of thousands of people see their life differently after experiencing Future of Business. These techniques have been time tested and proven to get dramatically exceptional results in transforming attitudes and therefore lives.

Marshall will be including new theories and simulations designed to optimize each learning experience. If you are ready for a fun, exciting and very meaningful learning experience.

Only Those Committed To Participate Fully Should Attend

That statement is not meant to be rude. It means that each participant should pre qualify themselves. Everyone who attends Future of Business is asked to give 100%, both in attention and participation. Each student is asked commit to play each simulation “full on” and follow the rules of each game. Many attendees express that Future of Business is one of the most challenging and fun learning experiences of their lives.

This section is meant to pre-qualify everyone who attends this seminar to make sure they are ready to give 100% of their effort and commit themselves to fully experiencing this event.

It has been said by previous attendees that this single event was in the top 3 hardest and most challenging things they have ever accomplished in their life. This event is not for everyone. If you are stressed out and burdened down with thoughts of failure, you’re not prepared for the transformation that will take place at this event.

This special event isn’t like any other seminar, workshop or conference you have attended before. Future of Business is for those who know there is a greater purpose and greater adventure ahead in their life. This short three day event is a boot camp preparing you to overcome every other challenge you will face for the rest of your life.

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