Activate YOUR Negotiation Superpowers

What is a negotiation?

Whenever two or more people interact where at least one wants to establish or alter a relationship a negotiation is taking place.  Using this definition much of every day comprises negotiation.  How these interactions are perceived and responded to will dramatically change your level of success.

One of the world’s most successful speakers and experiential teachers, Marshall Thurber, shares with you powerful insights based on his last 30 years of personal experience and research as a successful attorney, consultant, business-owner, negotiator, seminar speaker, and powerful presenter. His insights will give you a totally new perspective on how you can positively transform important relationships in your life.

During this 2 day event you will experience and gain understanding of:

  • Context vs. Content
  • High need/low power dynamic
  • Proper Framing
  • The Power of Priming
  • Interested vs. Interesting
  • The Three Elements when present creates co-operation even if the parties do not like each other or don’t speak the same language.
  • Hands on practicum with participant’s own negotiation challenges

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