“Humanity is taking its final examination. We have come to an extraordinary moment when it doesn’t have to be you or me. There is enough for all. We need not operate competitively any longer. If we succeed, it will be because of youth, truth and love.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

What if you could have access to one of the greatest business minds in the universe?

Burklyn Entrepreneur Experience (The BEEs)

Purpose: to demonstrate Abundanomics* on all levels (exponential business growth, synergy, personal growth, inner peace, Hydra living and trust in precession. as the world converges. *Abundanomics: access to more than enough for everyone. Intended Outcome: Peace & Abundance (access to more than enough) [both Internal and external] Method Building a Hydra (resilient) network based upon:

  • common vision (the world is converging rapidly),
  • values (integrity [builds trust] and genuine interest in the other) and
  • beliefs (Sharing is having more and there are no mistakes, only learning experiences)

Leadership Training Includes

  1. Email access to Burklyn team relating to each person’s business
  2. Bi-weekly calls for a minimum one hour (may continue for two to three hours)
  3. Advance copies in draft form of books (presently four in process)
  4. Summarized notes from key books (e.g. Anti-Fragile, The Inevitable)
  5. Personalized copies of each book signed by Marshall
  6. Discounts on all future Burklyn offerings
  7. Preferential seating at new Burklyn events

The investment of the Burklyn Entrepreneur Experience (The BEEs) is $3,500 and $350/month.

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